Omega Physics team and consultants, with their various and long experience are helping you by offering a wide range of services.


Design / Engineering

With our own skills or through consultant and collaboration, Omega physics helps you to design and engineer your system.

Scientific consulting

Rely on our team experience 

to solve critical technical 

and  scientific issues

Patented processes

Omega Physics latest innovation are here to improve your products.

On-site installation by experienced team

 Anywhere in the world, Omega Physics team helps you to install your experimental devices.

Installation and alignment of particle accelerator devices, anywhere in the world

Installation of experimental physics equipment

AI & data handling

With our partner Geokapti, we can provide to your organisation a new approach on your big data, including AI development.


Project management

Omega Physics team helps your project to be on schedule and on budget.

Supplier selection, audit, and follow-up

Based on our long industrial and field experience, we help you in the selection of your main suppliers and audit them to identify critical topics during project lifetime.

Don’t let your project being jeopardized by a delay on a key component!

Strategy organization

Something is going wrong, but you cannot figure what?

We bring our factual look on your organization, analyse it, and make improvement recommendations, including a long-term support plan.

Head hunting

Rely on us to find the unicorn who will change your team.


Sales representation

Omega Physics helps your business to expand, either with punctual help during conferences or trade shows, or with long term vision through a representative agreement.

Just like Kashiyama (Japan) or Pride Cryogenic (China): ask us to sell your products in France or Europe!

Need a global strategy to enter a new market like particle accelerators industry? Ask our help as Geokapti did!

Strategic and marketing advices

Rely on Omega Physics knowledge of scientific equipment world market to develop your business.

We are helping companies from any country to enter the scientific equipment market, but also French and European companies needing a support in their international development.

Negotiations leading

Rely on Omega Physics to lead tough negotiations with your customer or supplier.

Opportunity bringer

Let’s discuss and find together how Omega Physics can help you to increase your business, whether it is on scientific market, on any other area.


Need a special equipment for few days or few months? Contact us!

An emergency? Don’t worry, we have in stock Kashiyama dry pumps for rent.

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