Fully dedicated to the success of your project, Omega Physics teams offers products and services to users and industries involved in particle accelerators technologies or experimental physics. Discover what OMEGA PHYSICS is doing for you...

Omega Physics & Sustainability

« The best waste is the one that have never been produced » 

Omega Physics considers this statement as the most important in sustainability approach.
This is why the products and systems we offer are high quality, reliable, made with long life time components and they need limited maintenance.

We simply guarantee the best ratio « Quality * Lifetime / Price »


Omega Physics is at the forefront of innovation for dry surface treatment on metals. Contact us to learn more. More innovations and patents will come: Be patient...


Omega Physics patented a process and device to improve accelerator cavities quality factor. Contact us to know more.

Just for a punctual help on a specific issue or involved in a long time partnership with us, 

they are trusting OMEGA PHYSICS

" We build too many walls and not enough bridges "
Isaac Newton


is a materials science engineer with a PhD  in Metallurgy. He worked several years in a start-up developing an innovative surface treatment by nitrogen ion implantation into metals. Then, he developed his sales and business skills during 8 years as a global sales manager for a renowned supplier of particle accelerator components and made the leap early 2019 by creating Omega Physics. Several senior consultants and a strong scientific and industrial network are bringing their support to Omega Physics when required.

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